Upgrading the AlleyKat

AlleyKat Upgrade Time!

The Epiphone AlleyKat is a really nice guitar! With some crap attached to it. Luckily, it’s an easy fix to take the crap off. I was looking forword to this AlleyKat upgrade. You can google the stock version of the guitar for comparison, here is the guitar with all the fit trimmed off: Continue reading

Burn in Box 1.5

Capacitor Break In Box UPDATE

To recap, the capacitor break in box is a small project I made to help break in, or burn in, capacitors for use in guitar amplifiers and other projects. This can be a very helpful tool if you’re building guitar amplifiers. 

Capacitor Break In

Some brands need break in more than others. For example, SoZo Caps say on their website that their caps need about 100 hours of break in time. When I build with their caps, I want the amp to sound as good as possible from the start; first impressions are everything, right? Continue reading

Custom Audio Patch Bay

I needed a high quality patch bay with specific ins and outs that wasn’t available (at least not for under $1000). I thought that price was insane until I built one. As stupid simple as these are, it’s a time consuming process. It’s still ridiculous, but hey, if you can get it…

JMPGuitars Custom Patch Bay

Continue reading