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JMP Guitars has been customizing, developing, and building guitars since 1995. If you're looking to customize a guitar you have and love, but it doesn't quite "get" your sound, we can set you up with the sound you're looking for. Is your instrument too noisy? We can take care of that without losing any power, maintain the gain, and play it strong! Any customizing or repair needs we can help - even if you just want the thing to play better. After over 10 years of building, customizing, and repairing guitars JMP Guitars is dedicated to making top quality instruments that sound and feel naturally the way a fine instrument should In most cases new guitars are available Custom Order Only. Every JMP Guitar is designed to the player's specific sound and style. Custom art work, graphics and inlays are also available.


In 2007 JMP Guitars started build effects pedals, and in 2011 the JoshuWah Wah Wah pedal was born. After never quite finding the right sound, regardless of the price, Josh looked to the classic tone and blended it with modern tech to create, what he believes, is the perfect wah wah pedal series.


After nearly a decade of repairing, and modifying amps to improve their tone, in 2012 JMP Guitars started building their own British voiced amplifiers. These amplifiers focus on raw TONE, letting you express yourself as the guitar gods intended.

About JMP Guitars and Amplifiers


If it you want it done right...

  I've never been fully satisfied with the sound produced by electric guitars with their stock wiring and electronics. In most cases I have found the wiring, shielding, and even the basic setups on vintage or even new instruments to be very disappointing. With many years of experience and a little innovation we have managed to break through to new levels of clarity and quality.  
- Joshua Peromsik, Founder of JMP Guitars

This remains true to this day, and now we bring our philosophy of guitar tone to amplifiers and effect pedals. Your instrument should not only capture your tone, and your sound, but it should inspire you to play more. If you pick up your guitar and start playing on a Sunday, you should be able to play until Tuesday before you realize you skipped your day job. Oops!