Capacitor BIB

Capacitor Break In Box

The capacitor break in box is a small project I made to help break in, or burn in, capacitors for use in guitar amplifiers and other projects. I like to call it the Capacitor BIB. This can be a helpful tool if you’re building guitar amplifiers. 

Using the Capacitor Break In Box

I let the caps run with electricity for about 100 hours, and then I install them in the amp. I only leave the box on while I’m awake, probably because I’m a little paranoid. So it takes me about a week for each set. The end of the clamp opposite the AC leads has a spring loaded screw. As a result I can pressure load the caps and it keeps everything pretty simple. However you build your capacitor break in box, always keep safety in mind first.

Capacitor Break In Box

Capacitor Break In Box - Inside

Capacitor Break In Box - Drawing

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