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JMP Guitars’ Amplifiers


For those of you that have been waiting for some new amps- they’re on their way!

We recently experienced a delay after deciding not to sell our amps with the graffiti logo used on the guitars and pedals. This led to taking time to come up with a new design, and then figuring out the best way to apply it to the amps. I’m happy to say, that we finally have the new plates in, and they look great! Well, I think so anyway. 🙂

We have a couple amps ready to go, and more coming soon. If you need something faster, or want something custom built, Contact Us and let us know what you’re looking for.

Tubes Tubes Tubes


When it comes to guitar amplifiers, it all starts with the tubes. And the speakers. And the Circuit. And the guitar. And the guitarist. You get the idea, there’s a lot of things that affect your tone, and you should never overlook the tubes you’re using in your amplifier.

I recently had a lot of issues with tube reliability using JJ EL84 tubes. They sound good, but a large percentage of them came to me with a defect: the light-bulb effect shown here: Some people say it’s okay, others say it’s very dangerous and can eventually/potentially destroy transformers. I’m not interested in taking the risk either way.

To compare the tubes, I took a good pair (no flash defect) of JJ tubes, and put them up against the TAD EL84-STR and the Tung Sol (reissue) EL84-TS. The test amp is a JMP Guitars 18 Watt EF86 “TNB” (not to be confused with TMB).

Check out the EL84 output tube comparison video hero:

Check out the EF86 preamp tube comparison video hero:

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