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PRO Player’s Pedalboard

JMP Guitars Pedalboard

After building the Poor Player’s Pedalboard, I decided to make something more practical that would be more useful for the gigging or recording musician. I personally don’t care for angled pedalboards, as I like to use a wah pedal, and the extra angle isn’t comfortable. The obvious answer was to get, or build, a two-tiered pedalboard.

Being as stubborn as I am, I didn’t want to build a board. So I ordered one on ebay. It was crap. MDF glued together, not even one screw to hold it together. Naturally, it fell apart. So I fixed it, and put it back together with some wood screws. Then when I started putting pedals on it, I realized I hated the dimensions. I don’t need 16″ depth, I wanted 12″ depth, and it wasn’t nearly wide enough.

So I gave in and decided to build a real board. Continue reading

I Ain’t No Rat

I recently got a Vintage Reissue ProCo Rat in a trade, and even though I’ve never been a fan of the sound, I figured it would be fun to mess with.

I have mixed feelings about this pedal. It’s really weird. The Multi Rat PCB, which was used in many of their Rat variations, is probably one of the lowest quality PCBs I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some crap. This is a USA made pedal, but who knows where the PCB came from, it’s just garbage. It has the thinnest traces, with poor bond to the board, and I can’t even think of a pedal I’ve worked on in the past 10 years that was this bad. Continue reading

Poor Player’s Pedalboard

Finished Pedalboard
I used to have some pretty expensive pedalboards. They were heavy, and overkill for my playing so I eventually sold them. Recently I was looking for a decent pedalboard, medium size, and reasonable cost. It turns out, they don’t exist. I did see a pedalboard that I liked, but it was pretty expensive for being just a plastic board with a handle cut out from it. Which gave me a really simple, but effective idea: cut a cutting board. Spoiler alert: it cost $12 to make, not including the Velcro (which I always replace with industrial strength any time I get a pedalboard anyway). One cool thing is that you can get cutting boards in different materials or colors, so you can have it look like whatever you want. So if you want to make a pedalboard yourself, read on. Continue reading

JoshuWah “Freak” Sweet Spot Effects Pedal Demo

Built on the JoshuWah circuit, this stompbox version is designed to focus and boost the “Sweet Spot” giving the same effect as leaving your wah wah pedal in a specific position and really focusing the frequency range chosen. This is a great way to make solos stand out and sustain for days! This pedal can also be used to drive tube amps harder, naturally increasing the overdrive and sustain.