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Upgrading the AlleyKat

AlleyKat Upgrade Time!

The Epiphone AlleyKat is a really nice guitar! With some crap attached to it. Luckily, it’s an easy fix to take the crap off. I was looking forword to this AlleyKat upgrade. You can google the stock version of the guitar for comparison, here is the guitar with all the fit trimmed off: Continue reading

Guitar Setups? What’s that?

Having your guitar PROPERLY setup, then properly and accurately intonated, makes a world of difference. What felt like a dud now feels and sounds like a whole new instrument. If you haven’t had your guitar looked at at least once per year, it is almost certainly not setup correctly. If you did your setup yourself, and you’re not a qualified guitar tech, it’s still almost certainly not setup correctly. Bring your main guitars at least once per year to your guitar tech (even if it isn’t me :)). Wondering what prompted me to write this? Read on… Continue reading