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I Ain’t No Rat

I recently got a Vintage Reissue ProCo Rat in a trade, and even though I’ve never been a fan of the sound, I figured it would be fun to mess with.

I have mixed feelings about this pedal. It’s really weird. The Multi Rat PCB, which was used in many of their Rat variations, is probably one of the lowest quality PCBs I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some crap. This is a USA made pedal, but who knows where the PCB came from, it’s just garbage. It has the thinnest traces, with poor bond to the board, and I can’t even think of a pedal I’ve worked on in the past 10 years that was this bad. Continue reading

Mooer REECHO Delay-Echo Pedal Review

Mooer REECHO Delay Pedal Review by JMP GuitarsWow! I knew these Mooer micro pedals were small, but I was blown away when I saw how small the BOX for the pedal was! Then of course the I pulled the pedal out and it was even smaller. It’s insane, and after initial inspection, it appears to be very well built. Now to test the sound!

I plugged in the pedal, and tested all three delay modes: Analog, “RealEcho” and Tape Echo. They all sounded great. Different positions with the knobs certainly worked better in different delay modes, but that is to be expected.

Durability? It feels tough! I threw it (pretty hard) against a dresser here and plugged it back in. Still works and nothing broke or rattles, but don’t try that at home anyway. 🙂

Note: the phone pictured is a Galaxy SIII, not one of the bigger phones like the S4 or Note. The pedal is smaller than my freakin’ phone.