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Burn in Box 1.5

Capacitor Break In Box UPDATE

To recap, the capacitor break in box is a small project I made to help break in, or burn in, capacitors for use in guitar amplifiers and other projects. This can be a very helpful tool if you’re building guitar amplifiers. 

Capacitor Break In

Some brands need break in more than others. For example, SoZo Caps say on their website that their caps need about 100 hours of break in time. When I build with their caps, I want the amp to sound as good as possible from the start; first impressions are everything, right? Continue reading

1989 Paul Reed Smith / PRS Set Neck 4 String Bass Guitar


1989 Paul Reed Smith / PRS Set Neck 4 String Bass Guitar

Here is an excellent example of a “Golden Era PRS” 4 String Bass Guitar. With a beautiful quilted maple top, mahogany back, and Brazilian rosewood fretboard, this fine instrument looks almost as great as it sounds! The bass was professionally setup and intonated with a fresh set of D’Addario EXL165 (45-105) strings.

For questions or offers, contact us via the contact page.

Guitar Amp in Session

JMPGuitars Handmade Tube Amp in Session

JMPGuitars Handmade Tube Amp in Session

Cory Paza at Speak EZ Studios with Ben Goodman in Boston recently used one of our amps on some of their productions. Pictured above, they’re working on an upcoming music video. We can’t wait to hear the finished tracks!

New Handmade Tube Combo “SL2TMBR” 18 Watt Combo Amp with Reverb

The SL2TMBR combo is a sweet amp with shimmering reverb and classic touch-sensitive tone. Full TMB (Treble Middle Bass) controls give you the ability to tweak your sound exactly as you want with the addition of the Bright/Fat switch to accommodate humbuckers or single-coils that fall a little flat in their tone. The tube driven reverb gives a fantastic warm reverb from subtle to surf, the reverb has you covered.

The amp is currently loaded with an Eminence Red Fang speaker that sounds great, but I may also have a couple other options to suit your taste and playing style. Feel free to make an offer for the amp without a speaker if you prefer to supply your own.