Mooer REECHO Delay-Echo Pedal Review

Mooer REECHO Delay Pedal Review by JMP GuitarsWow! I knew these Mooer micro pedals were small, but I was blown away when I saw how small the BOX for the pedal was! Then of course the I pulled the pedal out and it was even smaller. It’s insane, and after initial inspection, it appears to be very well built. Now to test the sound!

I plugged in the pedal, and tested all three delay modes: Analog, “RealEcho” and Tape Echo. They all sounded great. Different positions with the knobs certainly worked better in different delay modes, but that is to be expected.

Durability? It feels tough! I threw it (pretty hard) against a dresser here and plugged it back in. Still works and nothing broke or rattles, but don’t try that at home anyway. 🙂

Note: the phone pictured is a Galaxy SIII, not one of the bigger phones like the S4 or Note. The pedal is smaller than my freakin’ phone.

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