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PRO Player’s Pedalboard

JMP Guitars Pedalboard

After building the Poor Player’s Pedalboard, I decided to make something more practical that would be more useful for the gigging or recording musician. I personally don’t care for angled pedalboards, as I like to use a wah pedal, and the extra angle isn’t comfortable. The obvious answer was to get, or build, a two-tiered pedalboard.

Being as stubborn as I am, I didn’t want to build a board. So I ordered one on ebay. It was crap. MDF glued together, not even one screw to hold it together. Naturally, it fell apart. So I fixed it, and put it back together with some wood screws. Then when I started putting pedals on it, I realized I hated the dimensions. I don’t need 16″ depth, I wanted 12″ depth, and it wasn’t nearly wide enough.

So I gave in and decided to build a real board. Continue reading