Time for a cover song?

If you’re on this site I would say it’s safe to assume you’re a creative type, much like myself. The joy of being creative is what drives this business, and inspired it from the beginning. It’s rare that I get a chance to do something that joins different creative outlets together, but recently I had a great opportunity to do just that.

My sister in law recently graduated high school, and a week or so before she did, she performed Rihanna’s song “Stay” at a recital. She did such a great job performing live that it inspired me to do a recording with her. For this business I build guitars, amps, and effects, but it turns out I actually like playing the stuff too! I also do audio & video production, so this was a great opportunity to join them together. I scored the piano track in Sonar X2, my favorite DAW. Then I recorded a couple tracks with my classical, and had some ideas for additional parts which I wrote and scored into the song.

My sister in law, Dori, did a great job singing the song. No pitch correction or studio magic was needed, just a couple retakes for points where her voice was clearly tired. I was really impressed how well she did, not just with the vocal recording, but with the video work as well. A true natural.

I filmed with my AWESOME digital camera (no brand mention here, they need to pay me to advertise :)), and then I edited the video with the footage I was able to get in the short period of time we had to work with. I’m very happy with the final results especially considering that I simply used what was available to me. I do photography as well, so I used my lights and my crappy muslin background for the video, and a little photoshop to help cover the crappiness of the muslin. There, now that I’ve ruined the magic of my backdrop, take a look/listen to the video and let me know what you think.

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