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Hand Made, True-Bypass Pedals

JoshuWah No.1 By JMP Guitars

JoshuWah Wah Wah Pedal

This is an original pedal based on the classic wah sound of the 1960s. Built with tone and clarity in mind, this pedal will wah you. This circuit was designed with modders, tweakers, DIYers, and tone hounds in mind. It is designed for a number of possible value changes, or modifications to be able to change your sound with the flip of a switch. Different mods are available for this pedal straight from JMP Guitars - including the famous "Chucky" mod allowing for two mid range sweep resistors to be switched to go from smooth to abrupt wah sweep. Click here for the youtube demo.

JoshuWah Beast by JMP Guitars

JoshuWah "The Beast" Wah Wah Pedal

Using the same circuit as the JoshuWah original, "The Beast" gives a vast array of tonal possibilities and examples of different options for resistor and capacitor values that affect the tone. Two inductors, two mid range sweep resistors, and TWELVE sweep capacitors are built into this pedal to really show you some variety. This is a demo pedal, and will not be made for sale. There's over $100 just in capacitors in this pedal! The dual color LED lets you know which inductor is active when the pedal is turned on.

Sweet Spot Freak by JMP Guitars

Sweet Spot "Freak" JoshuWah Frequency Boost Pedal

Also using the JoshuWah circuit, this stompbox version is designed to focus and boost the "Sweet Spot" giving the same effect as leaving your wah wah pedal in a specific position and really focusing the frequency range chosen. This is a great way to make solos stand out and sustain for days!

Options include different values of resistors to adjust the output level of the pedal, and different capacitor brands for a variance in the tone produced. Of all of the brands of capacitors I've used in these pedals, I haven't found one that I didn't like. They can certainly sound different, but at that point it's just a matter of taste. Take a look at "The Beast" demo video to get an idea of what you like.

A/B/Y True Bypass Switch by JMP Guitars

A/B/Y True Bypass Selection Pedal

This pedal was designed as a passive ABY switch, with the addition of a True Bypass switch for an external pedal, and the option for an internal buffer.

The True Bypass pedal option is great if you have a non-true bypass pedal that you want to use, but you want to take it out of your signal chain when you aren't using it.

The buffer option is the same as the "Buff This" box listed below, but built internally in this switch box.

Switch Hitter Channel - Reverb Switch by JMP Guitars

Switch Hitter Amp or Effect Switch Pedal

The switch hitter is a simple switch, with style, to handle your amp or effect switching needs. It can be used to switch amp channels, turn on or off reverb or effect loops, and the hand-wired circuit can be made for your specific brand and model of amplifier. I love this because it's so much smaller than most channel switches supplied with amplifiers, and takes up less room on my effect board.

Dank Tank Reverb by JMP Guitars

Dank Tank Reverb Pedal

If you need to wetten up your sound, or just love reverb like I do, this Dank Tank pedal is a fantastic choice when your amplifier lacks reverb. Based on a Belton mini reverb tank, this pedal has an authentic sound you just can't get from fully digital reverb pedals.

You can here a youtube demo of this reverb pedal on our non-reverb tube amp demo.

Double OverDrive by JMP Guitars

Double OverDrive Pedal

The idea behind the Double OverDrive pedal is to use two classic OD circuits in pre and post positions, to give you THREE great sounding overdrive options. The OD in the PRE position (on the right) works as the first stage, so I use this as a more subtle, OD. The OD in the POST position (on the left) is set for a little more tonal control, and a LOT more drive, to really crank my OD to where I want it. Either one can be used independently, but when you join them together, they can really make your guitar scream!

Phase Me Please Phaser by JMP Guitars

Phase me? Please. Phaser Pedal

Another simple, clean, and classic circuit, this time to give a nice phaser effect. Going from subtle to in your face phasing without losing your guitar's tone.

Procrastinator Digital/Analog Delay Echo Pedal by JMP Guitars

Procrastinator AnaDigital Delay / Echo Pedal

The Procrastinator combines both analog and digital delay technology to give you a classic sound with modern reliability. The result is a delay pedal you can rely on to give you the echo that you've been waiting to hear since the day you were born.

Squishy Squishy Compressor by JMP Guitars

Squishy Squishy Compressor Pedal

Squishy Squishy will squish you just the way you like it. The compressor can be used anywhere from a subtle compressor sound, with mild sustain to an all out sustain booster while controlling your overdrive.

The volume knob allows you to use it to boost your output level, or lower it to tone down the insanity from your distortion or overdrive pedals.

Tremble Tremolo by JMP Guitars

Tremble Tremolo Pedal

This classic tremolo sound is enhanced with a volume knob to make up for any perceived volume loss often associated with the use of tremolo pedals. Now you can make your groupies Tremble at full volume!

Pocket Rocket Penetrator Envelope Filter by JMP Guitars

Pocket Penetrator Envelope Filter Pedal

Do you love the sound of a nice wah wah pedal, but you're just too lazy to rock your foot back and forth? Then this Envelope Filter (Auto Wah) is just what you're looking for! This has a great touch-sensitive, dynamic tone that you're sure to love.

Buff This Signal Buffer by JMP Guitars

Buff This! Buffer Box

If you're a tone snob like me, then I'm sure you've heard about True Bypass. True Bypass is a good thing, BUT, there's something they generally don't tell you. You actually do need a buffer (or two or three) in your signal chain depending on how many true bypass pedals you're using. There's actually a slight signal loss that occurs across multiple true bypass pedals. A QUALITY buffer is needed to keep the signal level up and consistent across your pedal board, feeding your full tone to your amp.